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How to remove OtO from the mounting bracket

In case you need to move your OtO to a different location or put it away for storage, follow the guide below to remove OtO from the mounting bracket.

  1. Make sure the spigot / tap is turned off.
  2. Turn the collar at the inlet on OtO to loosen the fitting and detach the hose
  3. Look underneath the bracket and locate four (4) claw-shaped thumb screws.
  4. Squeeze each of the thumb screw and push upwards for OtO to pop out of the bracket. You may want to use the closed end of a wrench to help you.
  5. Lift the device up to remove it from the mounting bracket.

You may choose to leave the mounting bracket in place for easy re-installation in the following year.


Don't hesitate to reach out to care@otolawn.com should you have any difficulties.


Having trouble detaching the hose? Read this.

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    Jim S

    I found that taking the closed end of a 10mm (or similar size) wrench, and pushing that onto the clips, is the easiest way to get them to pop off. They're a pretty hard and stiff plastic so I don't think it's really possible with just your hand/fingers.

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