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Why is OtO taking so long to water my lawn?

OtO covers the watering area in an arc manner, which inherently requires more time than traditional sprinklers that provide more widespread coverage. The unique design of OtO is optimized for efficiency and water conservation. While this approach conserves water by targeting only the zones, it can result in a longer watering duration and can take upto hours compared to traditional sprinklers.

Factors Affecting Duration:

  • Zone Size: Larger zones naturally require more time to water thoroughly and can take up to hours to water.
  • Watering Limit: If you have set a high watering limit for a large zone, it takes OtO more time to ensure adequate coverage.

To reduce the time OtO takes to water while still maintaining effective coverage, consider the following tips:

  1. Adjust Watering Limit: Lower the watering limit for your large zone. This will reduce the amount of water applied during each watering session and consequently decrease the time needed.

    • You can do this by opening the OtO app, selecting the zone, and editing the "Weekly Watering Limit" to a lower amount. 

  2. Increase Frequency: Instead of watering for extended periods in a single session, increase the frequency of watering throughout the week. 

    • Select the zone in the app and adjust the watering schedule. Increase the frequency of waterings per week. 

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