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OtO Firmware Updates

Learn more about how OtO updates it's firmware and keeps your device up to date with all the latest features and improvements.

Automatic Updates

OtO will automatically keep itself up to date with the latest compatible firmware.

To ensure this, please confirm the following:

  1. Make sure OtO is fully charged. Firmware updates only occur when OtO has sufficient battery levels.
  2. Make sure OtO is within range and connected to your home WiFi network. OtO will check for over-the-air updates and download them whenever possible.

If you've confirmed both those steps have been completed, and your OtO firmware is still not updating after 24 hours, please reach out to OtO customer support. So we can assist you faster, submit a ticket through the app. (Press More on the bottom navigation > Report an Issue). Alternatively, you can email us at care@otolawn.com. A friendly Customer Care agent will be happy to assist you there!

Firmware Status in the Mobile App

To check your device's firmware in the Mobile App, open the device screen and tap the icon in the top right, then tap About Device.

Firmware Status Indicators

latest: the device is running the latest available firmware.

outdated: the device's firmware is out of date, ensure your OtO is charged and it should update automatically.

updating: the device's firmware is currently being updated.

unknown: the device's firmware could not be determined. If the issue persists, please reach out to our support team.

manual: the device's firmware has been manually set by OtO's engineering team. If you belive this is incorrect, please submit a ticket through the app to our support team with a screenshot. (Press More on the bottom navigation > Report an Issue).

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