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I can't disconnect OtO from the hose

Learn how to detach OtO from the hose if it is stuck.

There are two main reasons why it could be difficult to remove your hose from OtO:

1. Pressure built up in the hose, or

2. The hose coupler has galvanized with OtO's brass fitting

Let's start with option 1.

1. Removing built-up pressure

Sometimes a build-up of pressure over time can make it difficult to detach OtO from the hose. Follow the steps below on how you can depressurize the hose to disconnect it easier.


Step 1: Depressurize the hose

  1. Turn your water spigot off.
  2. Use the "Water Manually" button in any of your zones to activate OtO. OtO will release any water that is inside the line.
  3. Once the pressure has been released, it will be much easier to disconnect the hose.

Step 2: Disconnect the hose

  1. Hold the hose stationary.
  2. Turn the black plastic nut (attached to OtO) in a clockwise direction (when facing OtO).




2. Hose has corroded with OtO

If your hose appears to be fused or "glued" to OtO, this may be a result of Galvanic Corrosion, a condition that occurs between two dissimilar metals pressed together. OtO has a brass inlet, therefore it is very important that customers use it with a hose that has brass couplers. Aluminum and brass are far apart on the "dissimilar metals" chart and will corrode/fuse quickly. The more water there is present, the faster the corrosion/fusing.

If you're hose has fused with OtO, not to worry! Here's what you can do:

  1. Use a sharp knife or pair of scissors to cut the hose at least 1 foot away from OtO.
  2. Firmly attach a female clamp coupler to the cut end of the hose (that's still connected to OtO). Voila! You have a new connection point to OtO that you can connect and disconnect a hose as you please.
  3. You can then attach a new hose (or add a male coupler to the long cut part of the hose).

Just be sure to are always connecting similar metals together to prevent corrosion from happening again.


Need more visuals? Here's a short video guide (skip to 3:57):


Preventing disconnection issues

Prevent issues disconnecting OtO in the first place by:

  1. Only using OtO with hoses that have brass couplers
  2. NEVER use plumbers tape
  3. Hand-tighten only


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