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My app says that OtO is offline

If you receive a notification or email saying that your OtO is offline ("We haven't heard from OtO in a while"), or you see 'N/A' next to the battery icon in the OtO Lawn app, it could mean that either:

  • Your device has run out of out of battery
  • Your device does not have a strong enough Wi-Fi connection

Device Offline Troubleshooting Checklist

The first thing you should do is turn the switch / press the button (depending on your hardware model).


  • If the status light does not flash any color, the battery is likely dead. Charge OtO using the wall adapter for a minimum of 24 hours (checking intermittently) before trying to attempting to reconnect. ⚠ Note: if the battery is dead, it cannot be recharged with solar alone.
      • You can tell OtO is charging if the red status light comes on when you plug it in
  • If the status light does flash blue and green when you turn the switch / press the button, it could mean your device is unable to maintain a stable connection to Wi-Fi. Read our Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Checklist below.

Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Checklist

  1. Ensure your router is powered on and is broadcasting on a 2.4 GHz network. If you have a dual-band router, you’ll want to make sure to connect to the 2.4 GHz band—not the 5 GHz band.
  2. Wake OtO using the switch. If the LED light does not indicate any color, your battery is dead and you will need to recharge in order to connect to Wi-Fi.
  3. Try unplugging your router. Most routers just need to be unplugged and plugged back in to restart them, it might not be a bad idea to consult your router's documentation for specific instructions. Once your router finishes restarting, test it by connecting to your Wi-Fi network with a computer or mobile device and visiting a popular network.
  4. Try hot-spotting using a secondary phone. If OtO can connect to the hotspot, then it could mean your Wi-Fi signal where OtO is placed is too weak.
  5. If your OtO device was already connected previously, check the signal strength on the OtO app by going into the Devices Menu. If your app says the signal strength is "Weak" this could mean your Wi-Fi signal is intermittent, which may cause the device to miss waterings or applications.       
  6. If the above steps don’t work, try bringing your OtO in and placing it directly beside the router. If you're able to connect to your home network when the OtO device is directly beside the router, this indicates you have an issue with the strength and range of your Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Best Practices

  • OtO will only work on 2.4 GHz frequency
  • Test the Wi-Fi strength with the app before you mount and connect your device. The signal strength of Wi-Fi your phone gets could be different from what OtO will receive
  • Thick or insulated walls can greatly reduce Wi-Fi signal strength even if your router is close by. Metal and concrete can severely reduce Wi-Fi signal 
  • If your Wi-Fi is too weak outdoors, we recommend using a mesh network or Wi-Fi repeater

TIP! OtO has a different Wi-Fi antenna than your phone. While your phone may have strong Wi-Fi signal in one spot, OtO in the same spot may not experience the same Wi-Fi strength.

Wi-Fi: Setup and Troubleshooting Guide


Still unable to get online?

If the unit is still offline after:

1. Charging the unit for 24 hours and

2. Ensuring you have adequate Wi-Fi connection,

Send us an email to care@otolawn.com or Report an Issue through the app and we will assist you as quickly as possible.







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