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What do I do with OtO in the spring?

Description: If you live in a cooler climate, you should put OtO in Winter Mode and put it away somewhere dry for the winter so the battery does not get damaged in the cold.

Important: OtO should never be left outside to freeze. This can damage the internal components.

How to take your OtO out of Winter Mode

  1. Even if your device was in winter mode, it's a good idea to plug it in for a few hours using the provided power cable.
  2. Open the OtO Lawn app and go to the device overview page.
  3. Tap settings.
  4. Press Disable Winter Mode to turn it off.
  5. Turn OtO's switch to wake it back up. 
  6. Reinstall OtO in the same place it was positioned last summer. It will remember all your zones and settings, however you may want to check your zone points in case your water pressure has changed from last year, and to verify that you have placed OtO in the same spot.
    1. Go to the Zone Details page > Apply Manually > Demo zone

 Spring maintenance

To keep your OtO running smoothly and reaching as far as it can, it's a great idea to check all of OtO's inlets for debris and buildup each spring!

    1. Check your OtO's hose inlet: if there is debris in the filter, clean it out. If the gasket has aged, replace it to avoid leaking.
    2. Check the hose & clean out any buildup before attaching OtO. Remember: to avoid troublesome buildup or corrosion, only connect OtO's hose inlet to brass or plastic couplers.
    3. Double check there is no buildup or corrosion around the opposite end of the hose attached to the spigot. This can cause reduced range as well.

If you're still having issues, we're here to help! So we can assist you faster, submit a ticket through the app (Main menu > Report an Issue). Alternatively, you can email us at care@otolawn.com. A friendly Customer Care agent will be happy to assist you there!

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