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OtO is leaking at the hose connector

This article is to assist customers who are experiencing leaking at the connection point between OtO and the hose.

⚠  OtO should only be used with Garden Hose Threaded hoses (GHT).

⚠  Never use OtO with pipe tape.


Tips to prevent leaking:

  • Make sure the hose is tightly sealed against OtO. The best way to do this is unscrewing the hose completely, and re-attaching the hose to OtO, making sure the GHT threads line up correctly.
  • Make sure the gasket (see photo below) inside OtO is inserted fully (not loose) and not damaged. If it have aged, this can easily be purchased from Amazon or your local hardware store and replaced.
  • Ensure there is no debris in the gasket or around the hose end.
  • Ensure the hose end is not sharp and damaged.


Rubber gasket


Helpful articles:


If you need help with a leaking hose, feel free to email care@otolawn.com for assistance!

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