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What kind of hose do I need to use with OtO?

Generally speaking, the best kind of hose to use with OtO is a high-quality 5/8" garden hose (GHT). We do not recommend customers use a light-duty garden hose with a wall thickness of less than 1/8" as the hose remains under pressure and can burst.

⚠ CAUTION: If you live in hot climate, do not leave your hose exposed to the sun. The pressurized water in the hose can heat up and cause the hose to burst. 

Hose Best Practices:

  • OtO comes with a standard garden hose thread (GHT) fitting, so any connector with a standard GHT size (or NHR size) designation will work. Do not use anything but GHT.
  • The shorter and bigger (higher ID) the hose, the better. This will reduce pressure drop and allow your OtO to spray as far as possible. We recommend a hose with an ID of at least 5/8" and a max length of 50 feet.
  • We do not recommend any kind of flexi/expandable hoses.
  • We do not recommend using a light-duty garden hose with a wall thickness of less than 1/8".
  • If you are located in a very hot location and the hose will be exposed to the sun, we highly recommend choosing a hot water hose. Do not leave your hose exposed to the sun in hot climates.
  • When planning your hose path, avoid making tight turns or bends.
  • If you are using multiple units, recommend a maximum of two units per spigot. 
  • NEVER use OtO with pipe tape. 

If you have any more questions on this subject, feel free to reach out!

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