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How do I factory reset my device?

There is no way to factory reset your device.

If you hare having issues with your unit, please email us at care@otolawn.com or submit a ticket through the "Report an Issue" function in the app (main menu) before you try to delete your device. It is unlikely that deleting your device will solve most issues.

Note: Turning the switch / pressing the button will not factory reset the device. Activating the switch simply wakes OtO up.

  • In order to conserve battery power, OtO sleeps when not in use
  • It wakes up approximately every 5 minutes to look for commands from the cloud (via Wi-Fi)
  • If there is a command, it will water/apply solution, update the schedule, etc.
  • If there is no command, it will go back to sleep


That being said, if you ever want to transfer the unit to a different account, you will need to delete it off of your account first.

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