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LED Light Statuses

If you're wondering what the LED colors on your OtO device mean, this is a great place to start.

Light Color Light Type Description



Important: You may see your OtO device LED light turn red in very low sunlight. This behavior is expected, however it needs to be in full, unobstructed sunlight in order to charge enough to operate without issues.

6014-F units stay red even when fully charged. If your unit has a sticker underneath the lid that says "6014-F", this means it is a 6014-F unit.

Teal / Turquoise Solid Updating to latest firmware
Blue Blinking Looking for Bluetooth
Blue Solid Connected to Bluetooth
Green Blinking Waiting for actions from the cloud

📝Note: LED may alternate red and any other color while it is charging and performing another activity at the same time. This is normal!

If you have any questions about your device or status light, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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