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How to set & edit area zones

In this article, we will discuss how to set up and make edits to your zones, as well as common issues.

  • For an area zone, you will set points around the perimeter. OtO will zig zag to fill it with water
  • For a spot zone, you will set points on each tree or shrub you want to water
  • For a line zone, you will set points along a line of shrubs or a garden bed and OtO will water along the line

TIP: Before starting, make sure your OtO Lawn app is up to date!

Setting an area zone

Area zones are great for larger areas in your yard such as grass.

1. Ensure your spigot is open all the way.

2. When prompted in the app, turn OtO's switch fully (the little lever on the actual device). This will allow your phone to connect to OtO. Tip: Make sure your Bluetooth is on!

3. When you see the zone setup screen, toggle the water on in the app so that OtO starts spraying.

4. Use the arrow keys to move OtO's water stream. Press and hold to go far, tap to fine-tune.

5. Add points around the perimeter of your area zone using the + button.

6. When you're happy with your area zone shape, press Save.


We recommend you use Water Manually > Demo Zone to watch OtO demonstrate the zone to verify your points have been set up to your liking!


TIP: Just like your favorite map app, you can pinch the map to zoom in and out!


Making edits to your zone

After running a zone demo, you may want to fine-tune some of your points.

1. From the zone settings page, go to Edit zone boundaries.

2. Turn OtO's switch and toggle the water on in the app.

3. Tap the point that you want to edit. Tap Edit point. You will now be able to move that point around using the arrow keys.

4. When you're finished moving the point, press the + button to save your edits.


Adding points to an existing zone

If you are looking to add more points to an existing zone, simply edit the midpoints! Here's how:

1. From the zone settings page, go to Edit zone boundaries.

2. Turn OtO's switch and toggle the water on in the app.

NOTE: When editing a zone, you may see a 'break' in the zone that looks like this. This is expected! Until you press +, the white dot is just a cursor and will not be saved as a point.

3. Select the midpoint that you want to edit.

4. Tap Create a point.

5. Move the point to your liking, and press + to save the edit.

6. Save the zone boundaries by pressing Save.


Where should I put my points in real life?

You should put the points at the edge of the boundary that you want OtO to water. You only need to put a point down at each "bend" in a shape. I.e. if you are drawing a straight line, you do not need to put multiple points down in the line.

⚠️TIP: Avoid putting down too many points as this can cause your zone to take too long to water, or your phone to have performance issues during zone setup. If you're putting down 40+ points, that's probably too many. You only need a few points to be sufficiently accurate! 

Here are what some area zones might look like in real life:

OtO on the edge of the boundary

TIP: Set the points closest to OtO first, and work your way around the perimeter consecutively.


OtO in the middle of the boundary

TIP: If your OtO is watering in 360 degrees but you are not sure why, it could be because the unit is in the center of the zone!

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