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OtO just spins around in a circle when running a zone

Read the following article if you are finding that OtO just spins around in a circle (360 degrees) when you are running a zone (i.e. Manual or Scheduled watering).

OtO can water in 360 degrees, if you want! However if this is not expected, this behavior can be confusing.

Ensure OtO is not inside the zone

The most common reason for why OtO is watering in 360 degrees, is that when the zone was created, OtO may be inside of it. 

Even if there is 1 or 2 points on the other side of OtO's nozzle, it will try to 'hit' those points, which will cause it to water in 360 degrees.

To resolve this:

1. Open the zone details page

2. Scroll down to "Edit Zone Boundaries"

3. Inside the zone boundaries page, pinch to zoom on on the OtO graphic. If there are points around the nozzle head, it will cause OtO to water in 360 degrees. Edit the points by: Toggle water on > Tap on the point you want to edit > Edit > use the arrow keys to move the point > Tap + to save the edit.


Learn more about zone setting here

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