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What is OtO's warranty policy?

OtO provides a warranty to the first consumer purchaser, ensuring that OtO smart sprinkler products are free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal home use. This warranty is valid for 2 years from the date of the original purchase, provided that the products are shipped in their original packaging and sold or distributed by OtO or an authorized reseller.

You can find full details regarding the warranty policy on the OtO Website by clicking here.


  • Devices used outside of the USA or Canada are not covered by our warranty policy
  • Do not allow OtO to freeze. OtO is NOT intended to be used or stored in temperatures where water can freeze.  Damage due to freezing is NOT covered under warranty
  • This warranty only applies to products purchased directly from otolawn.com or authorized retailers, and any products purchased from unauthorized sellers/dealers/resellers (including eBay, Facebook Marketplace, etc.) are not covered by this warranty
  • Do not disassemble the unit. Doing so will compromise it's waterproof seals and expose electronics to water. Disassembled products are not covered under warranty
  • OtO must be secured using the provided bracket when in use. Damage due to drops / falling over is not covered by warranty
  • Do not allow the two-pin electrical power dongle on OtO to be exposed to water. Seal completely with the cap when not in use. Exposure to water will cause corrosion and the device electrically may not function
  • Only connect OtO to brass or plastic couplings. OtO comes with a brass hose connector. Connecting brass to any other non-like metal (such as but not limited to stainless steel and aluminum) will cause corrosion and fuse to OtO. OtO devices that are damaged due to non-brass metal couplings are not covered by warranty.

Have a service question? 

Email care@otolawn.com. Please be sure to include a photo or video of the behavior you are experiencing in this email, as this will help our technical support team provide you with the best course of action moving forward.

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