OtO Lawn

Authorized vs. Unauthorized Retailers & Resellers

To ensure the best quality product, we strongly recommend only purchasing OtO from our website.

When you purchase an OtO product, you are making an investment for your home. Purchasing directly from our otolawn.com site is the only way to ensure the products you're buying are worthy of your investment.

Purchasing an OtO from an unauthorized reseller* is not covered by our warranty policy. We cannot guarantee the reliability or functionality of any product purchased from an unauthorized reseller. We also cannot guarantee that the product being purchased is not fraudulent, counterfeit, or damaged.

*Unauthorized resellers can include auction sites (such as eBay), marketplaces, private or third-party sales, and other vendors not officially sanctioned through OtO. Although the product might look like a genuine OtO product, it will not be covered by the official OtO warranty and will not be serviced by us.


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