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How does OtO know how much to water?

On each zone page, you can set a 'goal' watering limit.

By setting this limit, you are telling OtO the upper limit of how much water you want to apply to the zone.


In order to 'fill' this goal amount, you can enable or disable Weather Intelligence.

If you Enable Weather Intelligence:

  • OtO will only water within the schedule you have set for that zone, however it may skip watering events on days that have and/or are forecasted to rain (beyond the precipitation threshold) or the current wind speed is higher than the set threshold.

If you Disable Weather Intelligence:

  • OtO will water exactly according to the schedule you have set. Regardless of weather conditions.
  • It will simply divide the goal weekly watering limit across the number of scheduled watering events in a week.

Note that higher watering limits with fewer scheduled watering events will mean OtO will take longer to water that zone.


Why would I want to change my watering limit?

There might be some circumstances that require you to put more (e.g. if you have sod or just put down seeds) or less (e.g. you prefer to keep a tight control on your water consumption). The OtO Lawn Care Manager app allows you to customize the water limit in each zone between ½ and 2 inches.

Read more about water limits here.



For example, we recently discussed with one of our customers how it’s hard to grow grass under one of his trees. This is a really common problem that’s usually a combination of A) not enough sunlight and B) when a tree and grass compete for water, the tree always wins.

One way he can combat this is by creating an additional zone under his tree and selecting a watering level. Now, the area under the tree will receive both the original watering and an additional watering from the new zone.


How to Add a New Zone:

  1. In the OtO Lawn Care Manager app, click the Add Zone button at the top of the screen.



      2. Input the desired name for your new zone and click Create New Zone.



       3. Now that the new zone is created, you can set the zone boundary but clicking the Set Zone                   Boundary button. 



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