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Can I control the amount of water OtO applies?

Yes, in the OtO Lawn app you can control the maximum amount of water your OtO device applies to each zone each week.

Navigate to the zone you would like to configure, scroll up and click on the Weekly Watering Limit menu option under the Zone Configuration section.

  • You can adjust the watering limit from Eco ½ " all the way to Extra Heavy 2". 
  • Choose Heavy 1 5/8" or Extra Heavy 2" if you noticed that the recommended Normal 1 ¼” watering limit is insufficient for your lawn. This could be because you live in a hotter than average area or your lawn just simply needs more water.
  • Go with Conserve 7/8" or Eco ½” if you wanted to save on your water bill or just save water. However, this might cause your lawn to be under-watered - so be careful if you want to keep it green!
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Notes on the Weekly Watering Limit

The amount of water applied is defined on a weekly basis. Therefore, the amount of water applied during each watering event is equally divided by the number of events scheduled per week.


Weekly Watering Limit Number of Watering Per Week Water Applied in Each Event
2 in 4 0.5 in


What if I change my weekly schedule?

The amount of water to be applied in the following watering events will be updated if the number of events scheduled per week has changed.

What if I use the 'Water Manually' option?

When you use the 'Water Manually' option to water your lawn outside of the regular schedule, the amount of water applied in these manual sessions do not count towards the weekly watering limit.

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    David Fox

    It would be useful to be able to adjust the amount of water delivered to each spot zone - different plants require different amounts of water.

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  • Avatar
    Jeremiah Kephart

    Adding to David Fox's comment:
    Currently (as it is at the time of this writing) each unit is allotted a specific "watering limit". This is great for 'general' use (grass, average plants, etc.) but does not cover any corner cases. Examples:
    - Filling or topping off ponds
    - Filing bird baths
    - Soaking hanging plants
    If I were to top off my pond,, suddenly my grass will die from lack of water. Does that make sense?

    I suggest a simple fix (that I do not believe would change much on the dev side for Oto), being this:
    --- Create a (per-device, watering limit) override.
    --- UI looks like this:
    Show average gallons per week delivered next to what is currently displayed. Might look like:
    > Currently looks like: "NORMAL", "1¼ in", "About 15 gallons"
    > After change looks like: "OVERRRIDE ON", "12 ½ in", "About 150 gallons"

    Functionally all that is going on above is allowing the user the ability to adjust the maximum water allowance.
    *In my example I used 10x the current maximum to illustrate topping off a pond.
    *To top off a pond right now,, I would have to have ten OtO units side-by-side. :(

    I hope you see what I mean. ;)
    Thanks for reading.
    I love OtO enough that I currently have 6 units, all working great...
    But it is frustrating to still have to hand water plants and fill pools even after purchasing six units,, as OtO's purpose seems to be the simplicity of "set it and forget it,, which is what gives it its huge edge over traditional watering systems.

    Hope to see this in an update sometime. :D
    Thanks again. Keep up the great work!

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