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Weather Intelligence - How does Wind Skip work?

What does Wind Skip do?

Watering or applying lawn treatment products when it is too windy is inefficient - it increases the amount of water that is blown away in the wind or the moisture evaporates quickly before it can properly feed the plants.

As long as you have Weather Intelligence and Wind Skip enabled for your zone, OtO will not water when local windspeeds are above a threshold that you have set.

How do I enable Wind Skip in the app?

  • In the OtO Lawn app, select the device that you would like to configure
  • Select the zone you would like to configure
  • On the top-right corner, toggle the dropdown menu and select Edit Schedule
    • Wind_Skip_1.jpg
  • Tap on Wind Skip to enable the feature and set the windspeed threshold
    • Scheduled watering will be skipped if the local wind speed exceeds the threshold 
    • Wind_Skip_2.jpg

Video Walkthrough

Watch this short video to get a more comprehensive walkthrough of Weather Intelligence features that come with every OtO Smart Lawn Device.

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