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Where is the best place to put my OtO?

Thinking about where to place your OtO device? There are a few factors to consider, but don't worry, OtO is very easy to set up and move if you ever change your mind.


📏 Reach


Not sure how big your lawn is? Use our handy lawn visualization tool to find your ideal setup.

The OtO smart device can spray a radius of approximately 30 feet at a minimum water pressure of 50 PSI (pounds per square inch). Within this radius you can set an unlimited number of individual zones.

  • Each unit can cover up to 2,800 sqft in 360 degrees.
  • Because of the water arc, OtO has a minimum spraying distance of 6 inches from the nozzle.
  • Installing higher up than the recommended 3 - 4 feet will not necessarily result in a wider coverage area and will result in diminished returns due to the water spray being dispersed.
  • Learn more about OtO's reach


📶 Wi-Fi

OtO uses the internet to communicate with the mobile app and set weather-adjusted schedules.


⬆️ Install up high or on the ground

OtO comes with a unique steel mounting bracket that allows you to install the device into the ground so it blends in with your garden, or drilled into a fence or the side of your house for better solar access, and unobstructed spraying to your lawn.

  • All installation accessories are included.
  • We do not recommend mounting higher than 4-5 feet from the ground due to diminishing returns on the water stream.
  • If you are having trouble keeping OtO upright in loose soil, consider drilling the bracket to a piece of wood and burying it in the ground.
  • ⚠️ Do not bury or submerge the OtO device itself. Doing so can permanently damage the unit preventing it from working. Keep the device secured using the bracket at all times.


🌞 Power

  • On-board solar panel requires a minimum of 3 hours per day of direct, unobstructed sunlight. Any clouds or shadows prevent the panel from charging.
  • If your device’s location does not receive enough sunlight, the provided cable and wall adapter can be used either permanently or as a power boost when needed.
  • You may find you will need to relocate the device slightly in the winter versus the summer.


🐍 Hose

  • The shorter and bigger (higher ID) the hose, the better. This will reduce pressure drop and allow your OtO to spray as far as possible. We recommend a hose with an ID of at least 5/8" and a max length of 50 feet.
  • If you are located in a very hot location and the hose will be exposed to the sun, we highly recommend choosing a hot water or stainless steel hose. DO NOT leave your pressurized hose exposed to the sun.
  • When planning your hose path, avoid making tight turns or bends. Make sure the hose is not coiled.
  • Read more about hose recommendations.


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