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Scheduling: Setup and Troubleshooting Guide

Creating, Viewing & Editing Watering Schedules

Every zone you set up will initially have a default watering schedule of 3x per week at 6:00AM with Weather Intelligence enabled.

Using the OtO app you can change each individual zone to a completely custom and independent schedule. In each zone, you can use the following three schedules:

  • Custom Schedule - where you can set exactly which days of the week to water
  • Odd Days - OtO will only water on odd days of the month
  • Even Days - OtO will only water on even days of the month

From there, you will be able to set exactly what time to trigger the watering event. 

The zone schedule can be edited at any time, and you will be able to view your upcoming application events in the Weekly Schedule on the Zone Page.


Tap on an individual day to see the weather, temperature, and all scheduled applications (including water and solution). You can use the toggle to cancel that day's applications.



How does Weather Intelligence work?

Weather Intelligence lets OtO decide to water or not based on conditions like rainfall and wind. Using Weather Intelligence is recommended as it helps conserve water.

Read more about the Weather Intelligence features here:

If you disable Wind Skip and Rain Skip:

  • OtO will water exactly according to the schedule you have set, regardless of weather conditions.
  • It will simply divide the goal weekly watering limit across the number of scheduled watering events in a week.

You can toggle Weather Intelligence features On or Off for each individual zone.

When is the ideal time to water or schedule solutions?

Water Applications:

  • Check your local municipality or homeowners association for local restrictions, if any.
  • Set your schedule to water in the morning to reduce the effects of evaporation.
  • If you have no local restrictions, generally speaking watering deeply 2-3 times per week (not daily) at about 1 1/4" per week is preferable.

Solution Applications:

  • Each solution has a different recommended application schedule. Check our Solutions Guides for details.


Why was my application event cancelled due to weather?

An application may be cancelled due to weather if: 

  • 5 minutes before the scheduled watering or solution application event, the sum of local precipitation in the past 24 hours and the forecasted precipitation in the next 24 hours exceeds the threshold you have configured for the zone.
  • Wind speeds exceeded the threshold you have configured for the zone.

You will be able to see if a change was made to your schedule because of Weather Intelligence in the Notifications section of the Device page, as well as the Weekly Schedule of the Zone page.

My weather forecast is incorrect.

Please check the following if your weather forecast is different from what you are experiencing in your area:

  • Ensure your device is online and well-connected to Wi-Fi. If it is disconnected or in Winter Mode, your local weather forecast may not update.
  • Ensure the Zip Code you've used to set up your account is correct. You can edit your Zip Code from the Account Settings Menu.
  • Your OtO connects its weather data from third-party weather stations. There are thousands of weather stations reporting to our weather service and sometimes errors can occur. If you spot a weather discrepancy, let us know using the 'Submit an Issue' function in the app.
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  • Avatar
    Craig Chandonnet

    Need a way to be able to look at our zones without going to the edit menu.
    Craig Chandonnet at craig.chandonnet@sbcglobal.net

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  • Avatar
    Guy Billingsley

    I agree with Craig. You have a crazy rule set for weather determination but have the most clunky and cumbersome calendar view, if it can even be called that. I have 4 OTO’s and 8 zones that I have to manually go in and out of and record on an external spreadsheet if I want to make changes. It would make more sense to have a shared calendar, at least for viewing, outside of the configuration editing menu.

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