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How do I enable hotspot on iOS and Android?

Depending on whether you're an iOS or an Android user, you can enable your hotspot by following these steps:

iOS device: 

  • Open your device's Settings
  • From Settings select Cellular and then use the slider to turn Personal Hotspot to on. 
  • Underneath the slider is the password to your hotspot.  

Android device: 

    • Open your device's Settings
    • Select Network & Internet. Then Hotspot & Tethering. 
    • Tap Wi-Fi hotspot. Turn this to on. 
    • You may need to set up certain settings such as the hotspot name or password if it has not been enabled previously. To do this, select Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.

Once your Personal Hotspot is enabled, your phone's hotspot can be discovered on the app. Open up the OtO Device you want to connect and then tap the Settings icon in the upper left corner > Network Settings > Connect and scroll until you see the device's hotspot name under the available networks.  

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