OtO Lawn

How does OtO compare to an in-ground sprinkler system?

Other than the fact that they both water your yard, they’re pretty different!

OtO much more affordable and does far more than any in-ground sprinkler system.


OtO Waters in Unique Shapes for Efficiency

In-ground sprinkler system



OtO Lawn device


OtO can be set to water in unique shapes and will only water the areas where programmed. It can reach those tricky corners that can be difficult - if not impossible - to reach with in-ground sprinkler systems as well as avoids overspray and wasting water on pavement.


OtO automatically Fertilizes, Deodorizes, & Controls Pests

Unlike in-ground water sprinklers, OtO can also add treatments directly into the water spray like our pet, people & planet-safe fertilizer, tick & mosquito repellent, and pet odor eliminator. These solutions are added directly to the water according to an intelligent schedule set out by your OtO device, no prior expertise or complicated mixing necessary on your part.


OtO is More Affordable

In terms of cost, in-ground systems usually start at a few thousand dollars, paid up front due to the labor-intensive nature of installation. There is also an annual service fee for maintenance, not to mention the expenses associated with winterization, broken heads, and leaky pipes.

If you have yard that is on the smaller side, it likely isn't worth it for you to buy an in-ground system.

OtO is very easy to install and does not require professional assistance or experience. It is also easier to maintain as you can simply disconnect the device from the hose-end in the winter and bring it inside.



No trenching required

OtO does not require trenches in order to operate. Simply attach to a garden hose with enough water pressure and you're all set.

This can be very useful for customers with very well-established gardens for which trenching would be highly destructive, or customers with high rock content who cannot dig trenches.

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