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Where can I find my OtO's serial number?

The OtO serial number looks like this: "oto######"

You may need it to assist with troubleshooting, or identifying different OtO units from each other.


How to find the unit serial number ("oto######")


1. Check the sticker under the lid.


2. Some hardware versions do not have the serial number under the lid. Instead, open the device details in your OtO app. Scroll down past "Solutions". It will be written in light grey font.


3. If the device isn't associated with your account yet, you'll be able to see the serial number when you try connecting to the device via Bluetooth. On the Bluetooth add screen (screenshot below), you'll see the serial number that begins with "otoXXXXXX".



How to find the batch number ("####")

This ​is located on the sticker under the lid of all hardware versions.

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