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OtO Subscriptions Automatically Pause over the winter

We've gathered climate data from every single zip code in the country to ensure your subscription is perfectly tailored to your location's unique growing season! Never worry about getting too many bottles. Just the perfect amount of solution you need every year, right when you need it.

All OtO solution subscriptions automatically pause in the fall, and automatically renew in the spring, depending on your local climate. Each bottle lasts 60 days, so with each subscription, you will get between 2-6 bottles per growing season.

➡️ View your upcoming solution schedule through your Subscription Portal here.

Here are some frequently asked questions we get about our subscriptions:

When will my subscription start in the spring?

Subscriptions begin between February and May depending on your geographic area's historical predicted "last frost date", which just means it is the average last date of spring frost - or better yet - the start of your area's growing season. You can see your subscription shipping dates in your Subscription Portal.


Can I start subscribing in the middle of the growing season?

The first bottle in a new subscription always ships right away. From there, you will continue to get new bottles every two months (as each bottle lasts 60 days) until fall. For most locations, your subscription will end between September and November.

Your subscription will then automatically start back up in the spring!


When will my subscription pause in the fall?

Each bottle lasts 60 days, so most locations will receive their last shipment between July - September.

WARM CLIMATES: If you live in a very warm climate (such as Hawaii and some areas in California, Texas and Florida) you may need your solutions year-round. Therefore you will receive year-round shipments (every 60 days for a total of 6 bottles).

Can I start subscribing in the winter?

Sure! Like we said before, the first bottle in a subscription always ships immediately. The next bottle in your subscription will ship according to your zip code's growing season (you can see what this date is by checking your Subscription Portal note that it may take 24 hours after purchase to update the correct ship dates). This is to ensure you don't receive bottles when you can't use them.


Key summary:

  • The subscription program includes between 2-6 bottles per year, depending on your geographic location
  • You should sign up for 1 bottle per OtO device. So for example, if you have 2 OtO devices, sign up for two bottles of Lawn Food
  • You can pause, skip, reschedule, or cancel your subscription at any time before the bottle is shipped
  • View, pause, change the ship date, cancel and add new subscriptions via the Subscription Portal
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