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How do I edit or cancel my OtO Solution Plan Subscription?

Don't forget: Unless you specifically request otherwise, all OtO Subscriptions automatically pause in the fall and start again in the spring! You do not need to manually pause or restart your subscriptions.

How to Access Your Portal

There are three ways to access your personal subscription portal!

Option 1 (Preferred)

Enter your email address here to have your magic link sent to you.

  • The email must match the one you used when you first subscribed (purchased)
  • Note that this link will expire in 24 hours. If it expires, simply use the link to request a new one.

Option 2

You can manually add, edit, or cancel your solution subscriptions at any time through your own customer portal.

  1. When you purchase your first OtO subscription, you will receive a separate Subscription Confirmation email entitled "Manage your OtO Subscription Here" (note: this link is also available in any reminder email sent from OtO Inc. care@otolawn.com via rechargeapps.com)
  2. Click "Manage subscription" in the email.


3. You will then be taken to your own unique customer portal where you can view your subscriptions, see your next shipments, delivery schedule, purchase history, edit shipping addresses, payment methods, add or cancel your subscriptions. To cancel you subscription, click: MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION. mceclip2.png

4. Scroll down the page. On the bottom of the left hand menu, click: CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION.

5. Your subscription will be cancelled, and you can reactivate it through the portal at any time.


If Link Has Expired

If you try to access the link and it has expired, you'll be taken to this page:


  1. Click "Get a login link."
  2. Provide your email. You must use the email that you used when you first purchased your subscriptions.
  3. You will receive a new Access Link via email immediately (please note, for security reasons this link expires after 24 hours).

Option 3

Alternatively, you can always email us at care@otolawn.com. We'd be happy to assist you with your subscriptions and/or magic link!



I am not receiving my magic link.

Double check the email. Your OtO subscriptions are associated with the email that you used when you made the purchase, NOT your OtO app account.

Get your magic log-in link here: https://otolawn.com/tools/recurring/get-subscription-access

The link in my email has expired.

The link expires after 24 hours for privacy reasons. Simply go to this page to get a new magic log-in link: https://otolawn.com/tools/recurring/get-subscription-access




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