OtO Lawn

[Software Release] October 13, 2021 - 1.2.14

Thank you for being a part of the OtO community! Here's a list of the most important updates we shipped in this release.


🌧️Rain Skip got an upgrade

We cleaned up our Rain Skip algorithm so that it's easier to understand: a scheduled watering will be cancelled if the accumulated local precipitation in the past 24 + the next 24 hours exceeds the threshold you've set.


🌱Water/Apply Anyway if watering is cancelled

After a scheduled watering or treatment application has been cancelled, you can override the decision and Water/Apply Anyway by tapping on the notification in the app.


If you notice any issues with our app or the OtO Smart Lawn device, please reach out to us using the 'Report Issues' menu option in the app!

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