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[Software Release] August 4, 2021 - v1.2.9

Thank you for being a part of the OtO community! Here's a list of the most important updates we shipped in this release.


🦟 Stop the Bites®! default application is now DAILY! The previous default schedule used to be 2x per week, however after speaking with customers and testing internally, we realized applying daily will be more effective. Plus: you can now set OtO to apply Stop the Bites®! automatically without needing confirmation.


🌱 Lawn Food+ default application is now WEEKLY! Same with Lawn Food+, in order to make the solution more effective, OtO will try to apply it once per week.


😅 Scheduling solutions makes more sense now. If you want to change these schedules, fear not! Tap the solution icon in the zone to change your “Allowable Days” or the days that OtO is allowed to try and apply the solution (weather pending IF weather intelligence is enabled in that zone).


🌧️ Weather Intelligence is improving. We cleaned up our weather intelligence algorithm so that it makes more sense to users. This should fix most issues surrounding OtO watering when the app reported the event as ‘cancelled’.


😍 Big zones are also improving. Some customers with large zones mentioned the far edges aren’t always getting watered. We fixed a bug in this release that should solve most cases of this. Let us know if you’re still having issues!

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