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[Software Release] June 23, 2021 - v1.2.7

We're all about constantly listening to our customers and improving the OtO experience. Here's a summary of this week's app release!


🌟 New 

  • Delete Device - you can now delete a device from your account. All device data will be erased permanently.
  • Weather Intelligence has been split into "Wind Intelligence" and "Rain Intelligence", which can each be individually toggled on or off. If Wind Intelligence is ON, OtO will not water if it's too windy. If Rain Intelligence is ON, OtO will not water if it is raining. We are continuing to improve our Weather Intelligence functions and look forward to hearing your feedback!
  • Teal Light - when updating to the latest firmware (aka "OTA-ing" or "over-the-air") the LED will indicate a solid, bright blue (almost white) for several minutes until the updating process is complete.


✨ Improvements 

  • Re-worded the tool tip that appears when you press the Apply Manually button (also formally-known as the "Apply Now" button) as it wrongly implied users must press the button in order to water manually (you don't have to press the button, it will water the next time it wakes up, pressing the button makes it wake up sooner).
  • Tours and guides only appear the first time you set up a zone.
  • Freestyle mode has been disabled until further notice.
  • Slowed down the polygon Demo zone. Should be much easier to understand where your zones are.


πŸ› Bug Fixes 

  • Partial fix to the issue where some customers cannot use the Report an Issue feature in the app.
  • Major fixes to concurrency issues which caused router compatibility issues.


πŸ’» Firmware 

  • In addition to the app improvements made above , we also released a new firmware version to all units on Sunday, June 20 at 12:00AM EST. If you haven't tried setting up a new zone since, we definitely want to you to check it out. You should see a BIG improvement in the responsiveness and connectivity of your device!
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