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Do I have to fertilize my lawn?

This is kind of like asking: “should I eat healthy food?” The answer depends on how much you care. If you want a healthy, lush, green lawn that contributes positively to your environment, then the answer is yes.

Using the right fertilizer is kind of like taking vitamins and eating healthy foods to nourish your body vs. suddenly seeking medical treatment when you get sick. Taking small actions (like fertilizing) on a regular basis not only keeps your grass looking nourished, it ultimately makes it stronger and better able to withstand weeds and insect damage. Fertilizing is a preventative measure, rather than an expensive and invasive treatment when the problem is serious.

Unfortunately most homeowners don’t bother with fertilizer because they don’t know what products to use, or even when and how to apply them. Our mission at OtO is to make lawn care simpler, which is why OtO is designed to be able to deliver nutrients like fertilizer for you.

We only approve pet- and people-safe naturally-sourced fertilizers that won’t damage your environment. Because natural liquid fertilizers need a lighter, more frequent application than synthetic, OtO is perfectly designed to ensure your lawn gets safe and clean fertilizers in the frequency that it needs, without requiring you to hire another company, remembering a specific schedule, or going out of your way to fertilize the lawn.

How OtO can help

  • Many traditional fertilizers use synthetic chemicals that are designed to stay in the environment for a longer time to make them more convenient. Natural products on the other hand are eliminated from the environment much faster, making them much safer for the planet, but more challenging to use because they need to be applied in lighter, more frequent doses. OtO can completely automate this process by only applying fertilizer according to the product’s optimal schedule.
  • Granular fertilizer is a popular choice for homeowners who opt to DIY, but it requires a spreader which sprays a large area but is difficult to apply accurately. If it accumulates in one spot on the lawn, it can burn and kill the grass. No matter how careful you are, the spreader will throw fertilizer onto your driveway, sidewalk, or patio which will need to be swept away. If it gets washed away into storm drains, it will end up in rivers, streams and lakes – polluting the environment. Liquid fertilizer is applied directly to the plant, significantly reducing pollution and waste. Since OtO uses liquid fertilizer and can be programmed to only spray precise zones, a safe and responsible fertilization process is automated for you.

Liquid Fertilizer Pros

  • Immediately bioavailable - provides nutrients to soil instantly
  • Even application - because the concentrate is thoroughly mixed into the water, liquid fertilizer provides a more even application than granular
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