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[Software Updates] November 13, 2020

On November 13, 2020, we pushed several updates to the OtO Lawn app that addressed multiple feature requests and bugs.


How to activate these improvements:

1. Update the app once it becomes available to you. Android should be available sometime today (November 13), IOS should be available before Monday as there is a more stringent review process for Apple apps.

2. Once you have an updated version of the app, delete and recalibrate (recommended) or edit one point in each of your current zones. This will generate a new path that has the optimizations made this week. We understand this is not ideal and do not plan on releasing updates that require you to recalibrate very often, if at all, in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

You should see a difference in your OtO's behavior immediately. Let us know if the OtO experience has gotten better!


App Changes:

1. Fixes for nozzle offset on app screen. Fixes difference in where OtO sprays in reality vs. on screen.

2. Changed Day Restrictions menu to “Scheduling Options”.

3. Added a scheduling option for OtO to water every day.

4. Improved calibration equations which will improve accuracy.

Code Changes:

1. Increased max data point size for zones. This fixes a bug where users would not water or run a test if their zones were large and complex.

2. Fixed bug where OtO would spin erratically during Run a Test Zone.

3. Improved device’s ability to run a path. Should decrease number of instances where OtO misses its target and rotates 360 degrees.

4. Added more error checks for low battery. This should stop devices from running when they don’t have enough charge. Should improve situations where user's devices would run continuously even if the battery was low.

5. Fixed bug that would cause device to not communicate it had completed watering or encountered an error.

Changes to Backend/Intelligence:

1. Increased the number of error checks that will cause OtO to stop watering. Should fix issue where devices would continuously run the zone and throw errors.

2. Fixed bug where schedule for even/odd option would not display properly.

3. Fixed issue causing users to be unable to create an account using the OtO app.

4. Fixed issue in calibration where OtO was spraying a different direction then the image in the app screen.

5. Improved path algorithm to prevent devices from shooting outside of the defined zone (seen when device would travel from a point close to OtO to one far away and water outside the defined boundaries).

6. Improved calibration equations which will lead to more accurate watering paths.

7. Fixed bug that would cause a solution application path to rotate OtO 360 degrees.


Additional changes coming within the next week or so:

1. Intelligence override – a button on the zone page that would allow users to stop OtO from using the background intelligence. It would water on the days you set regardless of weather to the limit you set in the app.

2. Better time restrictions – change the time restriction menu such that you can set the watering time exactly, as opposed to blocking off time and OtO deciding the best watering time from there.

3. Immediate watering - a button to the zone page that will trigger a watering cycle. Similar to the Test Zone button, but would not require Bluetooth connection and would water a full cycle not just a single pass. Device would start watering within 5 minutes.


If you are still experiencing issues with your OtO device or need any support, don't hesitate to email us at care@otolawn.com.

Thank you again for your feedback and patience!

- Your Friends at OtO

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