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Lawn Food + Molasses: How to Use and Pro Tips

This article contains everything you need to learn about our flagship fertilizer, Lawn Food + Molasses.


What is Lawn Food + Molasses?

Our Lawn Food+ is a versatile liquid fertilizer that works well in any grass region and promotes a healthy, lush green lawn without the hassle.

Like a multi-vitamin for your grass, using the right fertilizer helps keep your lawn looking healthy from the inside out, meaning it develops healthy roots and leaves keeping it strong in order to combat weeds and insects, ultimately making your grass look lusher and greener.

  • Pet- and people-safe, which means its made from natural ingredients like distillers grains and soy
  • Plant-based, so no smelly manure or biosolids
  • No added Phosphorus, so it meets municipal regulations meant to protect ground water and wells

Why add Molasses?

Our unique Lawn Food formula with Molasses added has several additional benefits:

  • Contains macronutrients in a plant-available form - the plant doesn't have to expend energy to convert the nutrients into a form that the plant can use, therefore more efficient than synthetic fertilizers
  • Contains many micronutrients that are vital for plant growth including calcium, sulfur, magnesium and iron
  • Is a carbon source - acting as a great food source for soil microbes (particularly bacteria)
  • Molasses is also a natural chelator, and so will improve the uptake of the Lawn Food fertilizer itself

How it Works

Scan the bottle QR code using the OtO App and choose which zones you’d like to assign the fertilizer. You do not have to assign the fertilizer to every zone.

  • The OtO device will apply the solution in small doses on a regular schedule
  • You will be able to see the application schedule underneath your zone's watering schedule
  • OtO will send a push notification to your phone when it is applying solution, so you know when it is watering versus applying solution
  • Each bottle lasts about 1 month for 1,000 square feet

Scheduling Best Practices

The default schedule for Lawn Food is 1x per week and is paired to your watering schedule. This means OtO will only apply this solution on days that you are already watering. In most cases, this will be the optimum schedule to apply the solution. 

If you need to make changes to the schedule or application rate, keep the following in mind:

  • If desired, you can separate the Solution Schedule from the Watering Schedule, meaning you may apply solution on days that you do not water. Generally, we do not recommend separating the solution schedule from the watering schedule as it is preferable to water before applying fertilizer.
  • Apply as needed throughout the growing season. Our fertilizer is made for every region, but it shouldn't be applied to grass when it is dormant.
  • Avoid feeding during the hottest hours of the day (usually between 11am and 4pm). Early morning or evening when things cool down is the sweet spot.
  • Don't apply during or just before heavy rain. You want the product to dry on the leaf so it can be absorbed by the stomata.
  • Consider increasing the concentration of application in the spring and fall.


How many bottles do I need?

The amount of solution needed will change based on how large your application area is, and how often you apply the solution.

Each bottle lasts approximately 1 month for areas that are 1,000 square feet. This assumes you are applying on the default weekly schedule. 

How do I purchase more bottles?

You can purchase more bottles of Lawn Food through our website on an as-needed basis, or you can subscribe to receive regular shipments of Lawn Food without needing to worry about running out, and save on each bottle. 

Your app will let you know when you are running low and should order more.

Can I just apply fertilizer on demand?

You can also apply the fertilizer on demand if you desire. Simply use the "Apply Now" button on the Zone Page.

Can I use Lawn Food on flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, etc.?

Yes, Lawn Food + Molasses can also be used on other plants such as flower gardens and edibles (veggies, fruits). As a best practice however, we do recommend only using our fertilizer on edibles before and after growth.

Can my solution application events be skipped due to weather?

Yes, if you have Weather Intelligence enabled in a particular zone, this means your solution application events can get skipped due to forecasted rain or high winds. If you want to disable this feature, you can either disable weather intelligence in that zone, or you can separate the solution application schedule from the watering schedule.

How do I know if I am applying enough fertilizer? 

Keep an eye on the color of your turf. If the grass starts looking like a pale green, this is usually a sign that it might be low in nitrogen. Similarly, if you aren't in need to mow the grass once a week and the lawn is not under drought stress, this is likely an indicator that the plant is slowing down. 

If you've applied too much, you may experience tip burn, however fear not as this can simply be mowed off.

Product Specs.

Availability USA only
NPK Ratio


Default Settings

1x per week

Setting Options

Allowable days (The days that OtO is allowed to attempt to apply the solution, weather pending)

Application Time

Bottle Size 28 fl oz. (828 mL)
Requires Manual Confirmation No
Ideal Application Location

Lawn/turf, but can be applied to any plant (suggested only using before and after growth for edibles)

Suitable for all grass regions

Best Time to Apply

Early morning, dawn or dusk

Can be applied throughout growing season. Consider increasing concentration of applications in the spring and fall.



Do not apply near water, storm drains, or drainage ditches. Sweep any product that lands outside the lawn area back onto your lawn.

Refer to the label for full details.


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