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Which treatments can OtO use on my lawn?

Using our specially-formatted OtO Solutions, OtO will automatically add treatments to the water stream sprayed over your lawn and garden.

We only approve pet- and people-safe garden care products that are both good for plants and are pet and family-friendly.

We currently offer a nutrient-rich solution called Lawn Food that your grass will love. Made without added phosphates, harsh chemicals, manure and bio-solids, you’ll get the lush lawn you deserve without the harmful fillers. Check it out here.

We've also recently launched our tick & mosquito control spray, Stop the Bites! While it's bee and butterfly friendly, it kills and repels annoying mosquitos and ticks for up to 4 weeks. Learn more

Stay tuned as we add more solutions to our lineup. If there are any specific brands you would like us to partner with, please let us know at care@otolawn.com.


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