OtO Lawn

How does it work?

OtO is an all-in-one lawn and garden care hub that helps you water and apply treatments on auto-pilot. Here's how it works!



Choose an unobscured place in your lawn to install your OtO device. 

Ensure the device will have excellent access to Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz, -70 dBm or greater signal strength) using the OtO Lawn app.

The on-board solar panel requires a minimum of 3 hours of sunlight per day. Alternatively the device comes with a 50 ft charging cable with wall adapter.

Each OtO unit can reach up to 30 feet (or a 2,800 square feet circular zone) with a flow rate of at least 5.6 gallons per minutes (GPM).


Customize Zones


Using the OtO Lawn app on a smartphone or tablet, set up to 10 precise zones in your yard. Perfect for irregular shaped yards or avoiding driveways or sidewalks.


Add Treatments


Add OtO pet, people and planet-safe lawn pods such as Lawn Food, our phosphate-free fertilizer or Stop the Bites! our botanical tick and mosquito repellant spray. Our pods are applied in small, regular doses for maximum efficacy. 




The OtO device will water across each zone in a gentle zig zag motion to provide an even and consistent coverage according to the optimal schedule for your region and weather.

OtO will automatically set a watering and fertilizing schedule based on our patent pending algorithm that evaluates an extensive list of factors like weather conditions, windspeed, humidity, and water pressure.

  • Weather Conditions – Monitors changes in local weather conditions, air temperature, and humidity in real-time to automatically adjust watering and treatment application schedule as required.
  • Wind Factoring – Avoids water being blown away by monitoring the weather for active changes in wind speed and adjusting schedule accordingly.
  • Pressure Changes – Adapts to daily and hourly variabilities in water pressure to provide an accurate water stream.




Sit back and watch your soon-to-be luscious green grass grow.


To see OtO in action, check out our How to set up the OtO smart device tutorial.

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