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Lawn Food + Microbes Fertilizer: How to use and Pro Tips

This article contains everything you need to know about our fan-favorite fertilizer, Lawn Food + Microbes.


What is Lawn Food + Microbes?

Like a multi-vitamin for your grass, using the right fertilizer helps keep your lawn looking healthy from the inside out, meaning it develops healthy roots and leaves, keeping it resistant against weeds and insects, ultimately making your grass look lusher and greener.

Lawn Food + Microbes is an all-purpose liquid fertilizer that is suitable for all climate regions. Microbes turn dirt into healthy soil that promotes robust grass growth, suppresses disease and enhances drought resistance.

  • Contains only simple ingredients that help make your neighborhood a better place for pets, people and the planet
  • Does not smell like manure or biosolids
  • No added Phosphorus, protecting ground water and wells

How it works

Scan the QR code on the solution bottle using the OtO Lawn App and choose which zones you’d like to assign the fertilizer. You do not have to assign the fertilizer to every zone.

  • The OtO device will apply the solution in small doses on a regular schedule
  • You will be able to see the application schedule underneath your zone's watering schedule
  • OtO will send a push notification to your phone when it is applying solution, so you know when it is watering versus applying solution
  • Each bottle lasts 2 months

Why add Microbes?

Our mission is to make lawn care easier and more gentle on the environment. We added microbes to our fertilizer as it leads to healthier, more resilient and beautiful plants!

  • Healthier Grass Growth: Enhanced nutrient availability leads to stronger, more vigorous grass.
  • Improved Soil Quality: Better soil structure means more efficient water and nutrient retention, benefiting grass roots.
  • Disease Resistance: Grass becomes more resistant to diseases due to the natural suppression of pathogens by beneficial microbes.
  • Greener, Lusher Appearance: Improved nutrient uptake results in greener, more vibrant grass.
  • Drought Tolerance: Improved soil structure and root growth can make grass more resilient to drought conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the subscription work?

  1. Subscribe to one bottle per device at otolawn.com
  2. You will receive your first bottle right away, and another bottle every 2 months until the end of your growing season. 
  3.  Your subscription will automatically renew in the spring at the start of your growing season.

Read more about subscriptions here!

How often does it get applied?

Lawn Food + Microbes gets applied on a weekly basis until it depletes 2 months after installation. 

Can I just apply on demand, when I want?

While OtO is designed to be a product you can set and forget, if desired, you can also use the "Apply Manually" button inside of each zone to apply fertilizer on demand. 

Just be careful not to apply too much fertilizer too quickly as it can cause burning. Your bottle will also deplete faster than 2 months.

Can I use Lawn Food + Microbes on flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, bushes, etc.?

Yes, Lawn Food can also be used on other plants such as flower gardens and edibles (veggies, fruits). As with any fertilizer, be sure to rinse any fruit/veggies before eating!

Can I use Lawn Food + Microbes on newly seeded grass?

It's best to avoid using fertilizer for the first few weeks after seeding and stick with watering your lawn regularly to keep the soil moist. This will provide the seedlings with the essential moisture they need to establish strong roots and start growing.

Can I program OtO to automatically fertilizer multiple times per week?

No, in order to avoid overapplication (which can lead to fertilizer burn), OtO can only fertilize a zone once per week automatically. If you feel your plants need more application (for example, if the application is skipped due to weather), the current workaround is to use the "Apply Now" button in the zone detail page.

Can my solution application events be skipped due to weather?

Yes, in order to reduce wasteful runoff, if you have Weather Intelligence enabled in a particular zone, your solution application events can get skipped due to rain or high winds. 

If you want to disable this feature, you can either disable weather intelligence in that zone, or you can separate the solution application schedule from the watering schedule.

Is there a waiting time after applying Lawn Food + Microbes?

We recommend waiting until the grass is dry just so it is not being tracked into unwanted areas, such as the house. 

Does this product expire?

Yes, once opened, the solution should be used within 1 year. If left unopened, the solution should be stored in a cool and shady location; it should be shelf-stable for 2 years.


Product Specs.

NPK 13-0-4
Shipping Availability

USA only

Canada will begin receiving this product in 2025. In 2024, Canadians will continue to receive our flagship fertilizer, Lawn Food + Molasses

Default Settings
  • OtO will automatically apply this product to selected zones on a weekly basis
Setting Options
  • In the OtO app, you can:
    • edit the time that the application happens
    • edit the "allowable days" (for example, if the Allowable Days are set to Monday, Wednesday and Friday, if OtO cannot apply the product on Monday, it will try Wednesday. If it rains again on Wednesday, it will try Friday, and so on)
Bottle Size

26 FL OZ (768 mL)

Each bottle lasts 2 months

Best Practices
  • Suitable for any growing region
  • Apply in the early morning before it gets too hot
  • Apply on a weekly basis throughout the growing season
  • Do not apply after or during a heavy rainstorm. Enable Weather Intelligence on your zones to ensure OtO does this for you!
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