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Why is my OtO missing some parts of the zone?

Understanding OtO Watering Patterns

OtO operates on a zone-based watering approach, where each zone is divided into arcs. The system waters arc by arc, ensuring that water remains contained within the defined zone boundaries. This feature is essential to prevent water from reaching unwanted areas, such as sidewalks and neighboring properties.

For each arc, the OtO checks whether it falls entirely within the zone. If any part of the arc extends beyond the zone boundary, it will not be watered to avoid any potential water wastage. OtO is designed to always water within the zone.

In some cases, depending on the shape of the zone, this may make small corners harder for OtO to water perfectly because it's always trying to water within the zone the zone only. 


The illustration is provided for explanatory purposes only.


We have carefully considered user feedback and devised two potential solutions to resolve this:

1. Extend the Zone: One solution involves slightly extending the zone's geometry to encompass the entire last arc. By doing so, we ensure that the last arc receives the required watering without compromising the system's integrity.

2. Line Zone Along Outer Edge: Alternatively, we can create a separate line zone along the outer edge of the existing zone. This additional zone would ensure that the last arc is adequately watered, while still adhering to the original zone boundaries.

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