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Can I use OtO on other plants, not just my lawn?

Yes, absolutely. Not only can OtO device can be used to deliver water to grass, it can also help irrigate and feed a variety of grass types, shrubbery, trees, garden beds and more.

When watering garden beds, it's important to water at the base of the plant where the roots are. Avoid watering the leaves excessively, as this can promote fungal diseases. 

For delicate flowers or vegetable beds, we recommend using OtO with a method of watering called Furrow Irrigation.

How to use Furrow irrigation

Furrow irrigation is a method of watering plants where water is applied in shallow channels or furrows between crop rows.

The idea behind furrow irrigation is that you want to have plants be higher (on the ridge) and fill the lower part (trench) with water so that you are watering the roots directly, avoiding getting too much water on the leaves of the plant.

Here's how you can use OtO for furrow irrigation:

  1. Reduce soil spray and retain more soil moisture by using mulch in your garden bed
  2. Dig a ~3in trench beside the plants. 
  3. Set a line zone along the trench. This will target the water to fill the trench, keeping the soil moist right at the roots of the plant where they need it most
  4. Edit the schedule and water amount that best suits the plants in that bed

Here's a video that shows how users can set up OtO to keep the soil moist in a garden bed, without watering directly on top of the plant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDoDJoDpNHM


TIP! Our OtO Lawn Food + Molasses Fertilizer isn't just great for lawns, it can be used on shrubs, trees, vegetables, herbs, and flowers!


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