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Stop the Bites! Tick & Mosquito Control Spray: How to Use and Pro Tips


This article contains all the information you need to learn about and get started with our Stop the Bites®! Tick & Mosquito Control spray for your OtO device.

For full safety, handling, and application details, read the label attached.

❗ Stop the Bites! is not available for purchase in Washington state or Canada


Best Practices -Scheduling

Upon installing the Tick & Mosquito Control Spray solution in the device, the default schedule is set as once weekly at 2:00AM. In most cases, this will be the optimum time to apply the solution, however if you are looking to make changes to your application schedule, keep the following in mind:

  • Spray when mosquitos are most active. Which is usually after dark because they feed on birds while they are in their nests.
  • Avoid spraying in the middle of the day. Mosquitos are usually not active during the day, whereas bees and butterflies are more active. If wet product hits a bee or butterfly, they may be harmed.
  • You may need to confirm each application. While our Tick & Mosquito spray is made with natural ingredients, it is still a pest control and should be applied with care. Therefore, initially users will need to confirm in the app that the zone is free from pets, people and other untargeted wildlife 12 hours before each application. If you do not confirm, OtO will skip the application.
    • Update: in app versions 1.2.9 and above, users can disable the application confirmation.


Best Practices - Location

Where you spray the solution is important to optimize its effectiveness.

  • For optimal results, spray under shrubs, wood piles, leafy areas and anywhere that is shaded and moist.
  • Applying on the grass will most effectively target ticks, while you should try to apply under and around bushy areas (anywhere shady and moist) to target mosquitos.
  • You can set zones that are programmed only to apply the Tick & Mosquito Control Spray, i.e. it will never water those zones. Simply select "Solution Only" in the Watering Limit settings.
  • Do not spray directly on ponds of any kind, lakes, rivers or other bodies of water. 
  • Do not spray on fruit-baring trees/plants or food-contact surfaces.


My spray isn't making a difference.

Firstly, ensure you are applying the product according to best practices as outlined above. The time and location you apply the product will greatly optimize its effectiveness.

In some cases, it may make more sense to apply the product more frequently by adding in manual applications.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at care@otolawn.com and we will be happy to assist you further.

How do I make it stop asking me for permission?

By default, Stop the Bites! will ask you for permission before automatically applying to a zone. If you wish to just apply the solution on a regular schedule without requiring prior approval, you can change the solution settings:

1. Tap the zone that you do not want an application confirmation pop-up every time.

2. Tap the Stop the Bites! icon to enter solution editing.


3. Toggle "ask for permission" to off.



Note that you will need to repeat this process for each zone that Stop the Bites! is active.

Product Specs


USA only

NOT available in Canada or Washington state

Default Settings


1x Weekly

Setting Options

Time of day

Allowable Days (the days OtO will attempt to apply the solution, weather pending)

Bottle Size

26 fl oz. (768 mL)

Requires Manual Confirmation


Update: as of app release 1.2.9, users can disable the application confirmation.

Ideal Application Location Under shrubs, wood piles, leafy areas and anywhere that is shaded and moist
Best Time to Apply After dark when mosquitos are active


Do not allow anyone to enter area while solution is being applied. Do not allow anyone to enter treated areas until spray has dried. Do not spray on food-bearing plants/trees or on food contact surfaces. Read full label before using.


Active ingredients (80%)

  • Lemongrass oil - 5.0%
  • Geraniol - 4.5%
  • Castor oil - 6.0%
  • Cedarwood oil - 3.0%
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate - 1.0%
  • Corn oil - 0.5%

Inert ingredients: Water, soap, oleic acid, 1-monolaurin (20%)

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