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How do I set up multiple devices?

If you're interested in using multiple devices on the same property, you're not alone! Many of our customers use 3, 4 or even more units at the same address.

Best Practices

Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your devices run smoothly.

  • We recommend no more than 2 devices per spigot. This helps ensure each device will receive enough water to run without intersecting with the other's schedule.
  • You can use a splitter at the spigot to use the same spigot for two devices (see pictures below)
  • Our basic hose recommendations still apply: no longer than 50 feet, hoses should be high-quality and 3/8 inches
  • To avoid competing water pressure / flow rate issues, we recommend running each device (on the same spigot) on alternating times or schedules. 



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