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How far can OtO spray?


Each unit can usually reach a spray throw distance of up to 30 feet at a flow rate of 5.6 GPM (gallons per minute) or higher.

This means, each individual device covers up to approximately 2,800 square feet.

Within this coverage, you can set up to 10 separate irrigation zones, in which you can customize the watering level, solution application, and application schedule.

What if my flow rate is lower than 5.6 GPM?

It can operate with a lower flow rate, but it might not reach 30 ft.

What if my flow rate is greater than 5.6 GPM?

It can operate with a higher flow rate, but it may not reach further than 30 ft.

How do I know my flow rate?

Read our guide here (only simple household items are needed): How do I know what my water pressure / flow rate is? – OtO Lawn


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