OtO Lawn

[Software Release] March 15, 2021 - v1.1.20

On the morning of March 15, 2021 we OTA'd all infield units and released a new version of the OtO Lawn app.

The updated version of the app is now available and depending on your phone settings, will be updated automatically or you may need to download it from your app store.


  1. Calibration handling improvements
  2. Added FW changes to implement Apply Now and Stop Apply
  3. Improved rotational controls


  1. Improved path algorithm accuracy on far sides of zones
  2. Added solution only water level
  3. Added unit has not polled notification
  4. Added apply now and stop now for solutions
  5. Added ability to adjust solution schedules


  1. Reworked buttons on zone page for apply and water now
  2. Added solution only water level icon
  3. Added interface for changing solution schedules
  4. Removed QR code connection process
  5. Removed excessive customer info requirement upon account creation
  6. Improved calibration handling


If you have any questions or feedback on these changes, please contact us at care@otolawn.com.

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