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e.g. Different color options or skins for the unit - let us know what color you'd like to see

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    Grant Gehrke

    Either sell OtO-branded solenoids or interface with industry-standard 24VAC solenoids to control other watering devices, such as soaker hoses or drippers for a garden. Benefit would be to allow control of all devices in one app. Potentially it could even use a hose outlet on the main OtO unit to also inject solutions into those lines.

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    Grant Gehrke

    Motion Detector add-on that triggers a special zone to run 1-pass as a pest deterrent. Similar devices already exist specifically for this purpose. I have groundhogs and rabbits that attack my garden and are scared off by the hose. On a more technically involved level, allow external services to trigger a 'run once' behavior via API so something like this could be added by a motivated developer.

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