OtO Lawn

[Software Release] February 12, 2021 - v1.1.18

On the afternoon of February 12, we pushed the latest version of the OtO Lawn app into production (v1.1.18).

If your phone does not automatically update, please manually update over the weekend by going to your App or Google Play store.

Google Play is usually available same-day, whereas it can take up to 3 days for the updated version to appear on the Apple App store.

In order to make sure all OtO devices are running smoothly and include the necessary features that make OtO fun and functional, we plan on releasing new app improvements every two weeks for the next few months.

See the release notes below and let us know your feedback.


Release Notes:


  1. Added Stop Water feature
  2. Improved calibration controls
  3. Add target timeouts to more states
  4. New hard stops for ball valve rotation in all states
  5. Added pre path state to open ball valve with more speed when starting zone runs
  6. Resetting controls between states to improve handling
  7. Fixed missing SSID bug
  8. Minor bug fixes



  1. Added push notifications for rain, wind, cancel day and low temperature
  2. Added unit call for stop watering
  3. Aligned backend equations to app equations
  4. Added toggle zone



  1. Added edit name of device and zone
  2. Added stop watering feature
  3. Added app version inside app
  4. Added toggle zone on/off feature


If you notice any issues or want to share any feedback, please contact us through the app or at care@otolawn.com.

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